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JE Paradise.

Ok, I just realized that my before bio thingy sounded so hyper and bouncy. Ok, starting over. >_<

Hi~! My name is Hana, otherwise known as Haaaana. I chose it as my username partly because I have no creativity, but also because that was how I spelled my name all the time in
kindergarden. XDD I also had a whole phase with weeeek from NEWS, which provided me in entering four a's. Continuing on from that, I am a fangirl~ If I could have it as a job,
I'd gladly accept. :D Specializing in JE, and especially KAT-TUN and NEWS~ <3 It's a fandom that I'd like to drag everyone into because it's so dorky and fluffy and ohmygosh-ness~ But my little bit of common sense does not allow that.

Other than being a fangirl, I'd like to say I have a life outside of fandom. I am Korean, and love my Korean roots because of all the DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, and SS501 I get to watch on my tv~~~! X3 I love eating pastries~! I just like eating overall, but tempt me with a pastry and a pic of a JE guy, and you have a done deal.

... I said too much. Ignore the weird fangirl talking to herself in the corner.

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